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Age of the Millennial ! \m/

We speak with flair, We speak with authority !

We Expect things to happen, we expect things to be non hypocritical !!

We are not just another brick in the Wall any more, or are we ?!! \m/


What is the answer

Well, I am trying to answer to the biggest question here. It might not be the perfect answer for everyone or it might not be right at all, but the beauty of it is, who can say otherwise?

This is the question that has occupied my mind for the longest time.
There have been questions which seem to be more important at that instant but the relevance of the question dies out with time. But its not the case with this question.
Even people who abandon everything their life offers them and choose isolation just to figure out the answer to this question, fail.

But is the answer really required?
Would it… Read More | 1 Comment