HTML5 has been the buzzword since it was announced.
In my search to enrich my web dev skills I encountered upon this piece of awesomeness.

The standards are still being agreed upon. Funnily somebody has come up with a countdown.

This presentation was created by Marcin Wichary and modified by many people in the Google Chrome team.
Do check it out.The presentation shows the features for desktop and mobile browsers.

You may have difficulty seeing this presentation in browsers other than chrome.(Coz some features are not yet compatible with other browsers)

I can go on with the awesomeness of the possibilities HTML5 can attain, but it will take the ‘wow’ factor out of this presentation.So just sit back and enjoy.

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For the developers who want to develop in HTML5 but worried about supporting older versions of Internet Explorer;
Use Google Chrome Frame.

Just include the following line of code on your site:

<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="chrome=1">

I won’t promise you, but I will try keep you posted on where this goes in near future.
Also do leave comments about your best liked features.