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Getting Starting with HTML5 and CSS3

If you are a web developer, you have to make yourself updated with latest technology coming up every day. HTML5 and CSS3 are the next big thing for web developers. So lets start a small getting starting with tutorial for CSS3 and HTML5. Before I move to the tutorial, there are some HTML5 and CSS3 resources you need, such as you  need an editor or IDE for HTML and CSS.

Please visit  to check, how your web browser supports HTML5 . On the basis of its algorithm and our browser supporting HTML5, it will shows total points out of  555, that tells our browser compatibility with HTML5. Now lets start with the tutorial.


In this


Word of mouth (WOM): Marketing strategies.

Best way to influence potential customers is to convey your idea directly and in the simplest terms, but these customers don’t even have time for personal sales guys who call them time-to-time. Instead, it is best if they get this idea conveyed through some personal channel like a relative or a friend.

I have personally always taken references from my friends before buying a product or service, because of various reasons for e.g: I trust their feedback and judgment because of our common likes and dislikes, I feel they can tell me best regarding a product or service since they know me better.

WOM is a very important marketing strategy but to get it conveyed in an effective… Read More


Moms and Marketing M&M

Mother’s day is approaching and all I could read everywhere was about moms and their love. The trend of giving gifts, flowers, cards etc. to your boyfriends and girlfriends has been replaced to impressing your moms for a few days. Every brand is trying to make us feel that they understand our love for our moms and that they can help us express it. Digital picture companies say ‘Let us know your favorite moments with your mom & we’d make them memorable’, Clothing companies say ‘let your mother wear us and feel special’ etc. All of a sudden brands have shifted from their aggressive product marketing to emotional marketing.

In this new era, brands have found a new platform for their promotion ‘MOMS’. All brands from the biggest to… Read More


Recently two big private food companies have been in the glare of publicity. Last week the case between POM Wonderful and Coca Cola’s subsidiary Minute Maid finally reached the Supreme Court after being heard at a number of lower courts since 2008. In true sense there’s nothing monstrous about this case but what’s really scary is the implications of its verdict. If the verdict is in favor of POM, its going to challenge the rules laid down by FDA regarding labeling and would give way to other companies to sue their competitors regarding labels even if the latter followed FDA guidelines.

In the case of Pom Wonderful vs. Coca-Cola, Pom Wonderful complains that Coca-Cola had misled consumers with a Minute Maid’s “pomegranate blueberry” product that contained 0.3% pomegranate juice… Read More


The Smartphone market changes very rapidly. In a few months they turn around the technical characteristics, there are new technologies, models and functions adding every day in smartphones, and this complicates the process of choosing our new phone.

Which one I prefer? Today I give you the four key factors to consider when buying a mobile phone . The four characteristics that have the greatest impact on the final experience, which is what people ends up caring so more. Looking for the best value given the key attributes of a phone and our always vital requirements.


Of course size matters

We started with the 3.5 inch and gradually went up. 4.0, 4.3, 4.5, 4.7 and even 5.0 inches or more current size of a Smartphone is the key feature, possibly the most important time… Read More | 1 Comment